Body Fusion Fitness

Inspired by the original "Fit Physique 2015" challenge. This option allows you to do a 12 week CHALLENGE online!  12 week program broken up into 4 week sessions (3 phases) with training and nutritional education.  Training videos available with each phase.Education provided via CLOSED Facebook group. Individual training template/meal plan/adjustments as you progress- amazing results! You commit to the plan and the results are yours! Introduction to living a FIT LIFESTYLE!!!

***NO availability for new clients at this time.

(Monthly-billed at 3 month increments)
A SMALL monthly fee & BIG benefits. Program includes:
  • CLOSED Facebook group for nutrition and training education.
  • New training posted each month
  • Recipes/Meal prep ideas
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Monthly LIVE meetings
1:1 ONLINE training with Christy Blankenship)-Avaliability is LIMITED
Custom training and Meal planning!
Education provided via CLOSED Facebook group individualized to help you reach YOUR goals. 
Accountablity AND ongoing assessments- as you move throught your program!

Monthly Training
 Personal Training
(space limited)

Christy Blankenship RN, BSN, NASM CPT-
Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

Utilizing a NO nonsense approach to help you reach your fitness goals! Do you ever get tired of "working out/eating right" with LIMITED results or not losing fat?! AND...not really looking any different year- to- year... NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO?!! We can help!!! It is the combination of proper NUTRITION, timing, and strategic TRAINING that will get you the RESULTS you are looking for! You are STRONGER than you know...The ONLY limitation is YOUR MIND and your EXCUSES! Learn to rise above ALL of that and CREATE a NEW you!!! FINALLY a LIFESTYLE that REALLY works!
NPC National Qualifier
I am all about setting goals and wWORKING hard to meet them. I set a GOAL to try a bodybuilding competition. My very FIRST show; I qualified for Nationals!!!...Icing on the cake... Although, I have NO desire to go on with competing... There are still MORE goals to REACH!
Body Fusion Fitness
It started in 2014 as a hobby and then developed into a PASSION for fitness and healthy eating! As a mom, wife, nurse, and coach- I am VERY busy but I am able to find a balance through my LOVE of fitness & nutrition with HELPING others achieve their GOALS & provide them with the convenience of ONLINE coaching!
 "Fit Physique 2015"
It all started with these fine ladies! Their hard work and trust in me has inspired me to keep helping others!  They now realize what it takes to truly change and take control of their body once and for all!
  1. Christy, RN BSN Precision Nutrition & NASM PT
    Christy, RN BSN Precision Nutrition & NASM PT
    Utilizing my passion for fitness to lead others into finding their own fitness journey and healthier lifestyle. I am the owner of BFF, mom, wife, nurse, certified Precision Nutrition coach, and NASM personal trainer. One of my biggest goals is to teach others to NEVER settle!!
  2. Lisa, RN BSN
    Lisa, RN BSN
    I am a busy mom and wife! Nurse by trade, so my passion is and always has been helping others! I was able to transform my mind and body through a challenge myself; losing over 30 pounds! I then realized I wanted to contribute to helping others make their health and fitness a lifestyle. I fell in love with all the education I received and committed myself to learning even more! I will be your mentor/ally as you navigate through health and fitness to create your own lifelong journey! Together we will create the best YOU!